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The right message only works if it’s delivered in the right medium.

“So how do I know if anyone’s paying attention?”

Simply put, advertising is the tactical application of your strategic marketing plan. Getting all of the elements to fit…whether they are print ads, Internet, collateral materials or much more…is where our applied thinking pays off. At LTG&A, we not only produce creative ideas, but we make sure they reach your desired audience. For example, we believe a small print ad in most cases is often better than a full page version because it’s surrounded by editorial content that causes the reader to stay on the page longer, thus increasing the impact of your advertising. And we understand the strategic impact of color versus black and white, the efficacy of multiple advertising impressions, timing issues, follow-through and the importance of strong working relationships with editors, ad reps and other key industry contacts.

Advertising is more than just a pretty ad. It’s a complete, interconnected process that deftly balances all media and marketing vehicles to create a sellable brand. Why not let LTG&A do your selling for you. We’re every bit as good as advertised.

  • Media Planning
  • Campaign Development
  • Ad Design and Copywriting
  • Collateral Materials
  • Tracking Strategies
  • Media Negotiations and Placement
  • Media Relationships


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